Pro-active maintenance

Secure your fleet of transformers

PASDT offers you proactive maintenance, which will allow you to have real-time monitoring, its objective is to extend the life of the transformer and to guarantee its operation by monitoring the condition and behavior of the transformer. - here and by correcting the origin of the causes of failure. And thus to perfect the very important PCA (Business Continuity Plan .


Through a web portal, your maintainer will monitor the status of your fleet of transformers thanks to a magnetic PT100 probe installed on each transformer or directly integrated on the DGPT2

The temperature of each transformer will be retransmitted every hour on this portal, the portal will send alerts for any abnormal increase in temperature.

This will allow your installer to initiate maintenance. It will trigger a pro-active intervention . You may have installed a new production line or a new machine and the transformer is being used beyond its capabilities. (Transformer failure already starts there !)


  • Transmission of alarms and faults of the electrical transformer in 3 seconds
  • Improvement and modernization of electrical transformer stations
  • Making rapid technical decisions following a technical defect
  • Decrease in monitoring times for HV-LV stations
  • Reduction of trips from site to site
  • Responsiveness of response teams following an alarm
  • Immediate intervention request from your HV-LV partners

The PASDT is :Secure your installation, insure your PCA, avoid human and financial losses

Web portal demo